Philippa Stevens Yoga for Stress + Anxiety Workshop Thame

Yoga for Stress + Anxiety Workshop 

Yoga is well known to help manage both our physical and mental wellbeing.  This workshop will hone in on how the practice can benefit our mental wellbeing and manage challenges like stress and anxiety.

 This workshop is for:

  • All levels including complete beginners.
  • Anyone looking for a greater understanding on who their mind, body and nervous system are connected.
  • Anyone wanting to learn to tools to better manage stress and anxiety challenges.

If you have a diagnosed mental health condition, please check suitability with your doctor before attending.

This workshop will include:

  • Yoga practices interspersed with short talks from me to learn more about how the mind, body and nervous system are interrelated.
  • Exercises to build awareness so we can get to know our stressors and warning signs
  • Practices to help lower stress and anxiety levels in the moment.
  • Practices to help lower stress levels and balance our nervous system longer term.

Expect to leave:

  • With a greater understanding on how our mind, body and nervous system are connected.  And what happens when we are feeling stressed/ anxious.
  • Armed with tools to better manage our response to stress in the moment and longer term.

Sat 18th May 2024

1:00 - 2:30pm


Fitlife Gym, Banks Parade, Haddenham, Hp17 8EE