Breathe Better 2hrs

Breathing is one of those automatic functions of the body we don’t have to think about, which is a good job really as we take about 20,000 breaths a day.  However how we breath can have a direct effect on both our physical and mental health.  This 2 hour workshop will teach you everything you need to know to improve the quality of your breathing.    


This workshop is for:

  • All levels including complete beginners.
  • Anyone looking to improve the quality if their breathing either for their physical or mental health.

If you have any respiratory conditions, please check with your doctor before attending.  


This workshop will include:

  • A brief explanation of the physiology of breath and how it impacts the nervous system and other functions of the body.
  • The benefits of learning to improve and control our breathing.
  • Techniques to improve the quality of our breathing e.g., diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Greater awareness of our own breathing habits
  • Simple breath-based movement to open the muscles around the ribcage
  • Breathing techniques to regulate our nervous system and how we feel e.g. breathing techniques for anxiety.

Expect to leave:

  • Understanding more about the breath, its benefits and it’s direct effect on our wellbeing
  • With simple techniques to improve the quality of our breathing
  • Feeling the benefits of conscious breathing
Class Timetable
Sat 19th Oct 202412:00 - 2:00pm£20Thame Barns Centre, Church Rd, OX9

"I attended a Beginners Yoga workshop.  Philippa was lovely and really put us all at ease. She was very clear in her directions and encouraging everyone to try the various poses with adaptions according to individual needs. The two hours flew by and I had the best nights sleep in ages."

Alison C