Philippa Stevens Pregnancy Yoga Thame

Pregnancy Yoga in Thame

Prenatal yoga classes are suitable from 14 weeks – full term and open to all levels including beginners.

Pregnancy is an amazing time but it can come with it's own set of challenges too.  Our bodies are changing and with that may come some pregnancy related discomfort.  Our changing hormones may bring some emotional fluctuations.  It's also perfectly normal to feel some anxieties about the birth and becoming a mum.  This is why yoga is the perfect practice for pregnancy!

The poses in pregnancy yoga help relieve any pregnancy related discomfort and also help prepare your body for birth.  The breathing practices and relaxation techniques help you stay calm and centred during pregnancy and labour.

I qualified in Pregnancy Yoga with Triyoga in 2011 and have been teaching classes ever since.  I love teaching pregnancy classes and offering support on this special journey.

Pregnancy Classes and Prices

Classes are booked and paid for as a 6 week course.  The in person classes are held at the Guide Hut in Thame but will also be live streamed for those that prefer to attend from home.  A recording of the class is emailed each week to everyone allowing you to practice again in your own time.

Class Timetable
25th June - 30th July 22Sat 10:00- 11:00amThame Guide Hut, Southern Road, OX9 2EE
3rd Sept - 8th Oct 22
In Person 6wk course£45
Online 6wk course£30

"I found that doing yoga during pregnancy really helped me. I was able to keep active during the early stages and using the breathing techniques we had practiced let me stay calm and focused and I had a really positive experience".

Sarah R

"The yoga poses and breathing really carried me through. I feel so glad that I did your classes because I think it would have been much harder without the skills you taught me."

Hayley N

"Thank you for all your support with the classes the last few months - it was a really smooth and quick natural labour and the breathing certainly came in good use!"

Sarah M

"I have attended a prenatal yoga course with Phillip and it has been fantastic. She is friendly and welcoming, and as a complete yoga novice I didn’t feel silly or out of place! Would really recommend!"

Jessica M

Please note the following important information before participating in a yoga class:

  1. It is the responsibility of each class participant to complete a Health Questionnaire prior to participating in a yoga class.  A copy of the participants questionnaire will be kept on file in line with GDPR.
  2. If a participant has any medical conditions, injuries, illness or other conditions (such as pregnancy), it is the responsibility of the class participant to seek approval from their GP prior to participating in a class and work within any limitations.
  3. It is also the responsibility of online class participant to ensure:
    • There is sufficient space to perform the exercises safely and move freely without obstacles or obstructions, free from furniture, equipment and other hazards – a minimum of 4 square metres per person
    • Any equipment is safe and in a suitable condition for the activity being performed
    • The surrounding floor space is entirely clear to remove any hazards that may increase the risk of slips, trips or falls
    • There are no distractions throughout the duration of the session
    • There is sufficient heating, lighting, ventilation and hydration