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Philippa Stevens Yoga Classes Haddenham

In Person Yoga Classes in Haddenham

All in person classes are a style of "vinyasa flow" - just meaning we co-ordinate the poses with the breath.  Classes are taught at a steady pace making them accessible for beginners.  However classes offer a number of variations where possible to offer more challenge for the seasoned yogi!

Group classes provide an opportunity to be part of a little community and also provide me with more opportunity to assist you with your practice where applicable.  Classes are held in Haddenham and capacity is capped at 18 to give you plenty of space to practice.

New Starters and Beginners

All classes are mixed ability and open to all levels including beginners.    If you have an injury or mobility issues then please message me before booking to check suitability. Classes are unsuitable for pregnant students, please book on to my prenatal 6wk courses in this instance.

Booking a Class

Advance booking is required for all classes via the booking tab.  Classes aren't run as a course so you are welcome to join anytime.  When purchasing a 4 class pass please remember to book each of your 4 classes.


In Person Classes and Prices

Class Timetable
Tues9:30 - 10:45amHaddenham Airfield Pavillion, HP17 8FH
Weds7:15 - 8:30pmHaddenham Airfield Pavillion, HP17 8FH
1 group class£8.50Valid for 1 class
4 class pass£30Valid for 8wks, can be used for in person and online classes

Please note the following important information before participating in an in person yoga class:

  1. It is the responsibility of each class participant to complete a Health Questionnaire prior to participating in a yoga class.  A copy of the participants questionnaire will be kept on file in line with GDPR.
  2. If a participant has any medical conditions, injuries, illness or other conditions (such as pregnancy), it is the responsibility of the class participant to seek approval from their GP prior to participating in a class and work within any limitations.

"Third week into my yoga journey with Philippa. She is a fantastic teacher. Really enjoying the classes. I definitely feel stronger than my very first week and I know this will continue to improve as time goes on."

Lorna W

"It was great to be in a real class after so long away. The large hall made distancing easy, and Philippa created a positive atmosphere to rekindle that love of yoga"

Chris L

"I had my first yoga session last week and really enjoyed the class. Philippa is very knowledgeable and creates a warm and supportive atmosphere, offering encouragement and guidance when needed. I felt thoroughly rested and relaxed and I will be back again soon. Thanks so much!"

Louise S