About Me 

I have been practicing yoga regularly for about 16 years.  It probably took a couple of years of trying different classes and teachers before I found a style that suited me.

My motivation for practicing and teaching yoga is because I believe it is the perfect balance to modern life.  Work, family and life's pressures can leave us feeling physically tense and mentally stressed.  The practice of yoga through it's postures and breathing can help balance all of this out.

I have been teaching for 11 years and in that time completed over 600 hours of training.  I have learnt the most though from teaching - all ages, all abilities.  Yoga is for everyone not just the young and the flexible.  Come and join a class and you will find it has so much more to offer than just touching our toes!



Teacher Training (300hr) - Yoga Academy                    2009

Prenatal Yoga Training - Triyoga                                     2011

Postnatal Yoga Training - Birthlight                                2015

Advanced Teacher Training (300hr) - Jason Crandell  2018



Philippa Stevens

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