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There are so many benefits to a regular yoga practice - stronger, flexible, more balanced bodies and steadier, calmer, more balanced minds.  I aim to create an environment that is relaxed and welcoming and allows you to discover all the benefits yoga has to offer.


A range of yoga classes in Haddenham and online for all levels, ages and abilities. Beginners welcome. 


Yoga workshops in Thame throughtout the year including yoga for beginners and afternoon retreats.

Postnatal Yoga Classes in Thame
Prenatal yoga classes in Thame supporting mums to be. 

Philippa is an open and encouraging teacher. Her down to earth and self deprecating Yorkshire humour informs her teaching. A happy student of 6 years!

Theresa M

Yoga has proven to be the perfect complement to weight training for me and I feel fortunate that Philippa is such an excellent (and patient) teacher

Mike W

Philippa is very supportive and always encourages you to work with what is possible for you. It’s as much about the inner work as the outer work. Above all else she knows her stuff and has a great sense of humour

Sarah H

What I like about Philippa's classes is that each group has a good mix of age and ability ... and it's not just for girls either! As soon as I roll out my mat I go into my own little world and there is no pressure to keep up with the person next door to me thanks to Philippa's informal and fun approach

Mandy A

After years of competitive sports and 2 children I decided to give yoga a go to help with aches and pains. I am now converted and regularly attend Philippa's classes, she has researched my specific injurys and has tailored the poses to suit my body. I now use yoga everyday in some form to enhance my life!

Katie P